The Fabric of Utopian Society

All the Utopia Goods textiles are custom designed by Bruce Slorach and 
Utopia Goods. Every print references an aspect of Australian flora, fauna, 
history or the unique antipodean landscape. In designing the fabrics, the 
consideration is about supreme composition, the vibrancy of colour, the 
organic forms and the appreciation of textile design. In keeping with our 
Utopian style there is a framework of different layers and an element of a 
mystery or surprise.


Flowering Gum Feast 
(Featured above) 

Inspired by local Australian bush birds, the Flowering Gum Feast print features Bruce’s illustrated honeyeater birds feasting on the nectar of a feathered flowering gum nut. If you look closely, there are different varieties of honeyeaters on the backdrop of a subtle organic polka dot.


State of Waratah

Our State of Waratah print is a bold and expressive illustrated textile paying 
tribute to one Australia’s bush beauties. The waratah is New South Wales floral emblem and is generally viewed, as is a stout, erect, spiky shrub. Its unusual and beautiful form has been the inspiration for the decorative arts and it’s been found on pressed metal ceilings, carved into breadboards and star of too-many-to-count tea towels. Our waratah design explodes with colour and vibrancy.


Rock Wallaby

The Australian animal world has found its expression in the character of the kangaroo and wallaby. By combining a heritage book etching with subtle colours, our two-colour print is a Utopia Goods’ classic. 


Cicada Milky Way

The cicada is arguably Australia’s loudest bug. In honour of the insect’s 
boisterous noise levels, we designed the Cicada Milky Way. If you look closely you can identify the cicada’s well-veined wings and its bulbous eyes. The print is a subtle and stylish dot print that effortlessly
completes any living room or ensemble.


Koala Revolution

Drawing inspiration from Russian and Japanese textiles, the Koala Revolution print is a fusion of heritage illustrations, bomb bursts and cloud motifs. 
Half pop-psychedelic, half traditional print, the rum-soaked koala appears
in eight different dance poses. 



The Basket Case print fuses the colours of the ocean and aspects of African
textile culture. It’s bold chunky lace work references lattice or basket work and is our tribute to geometric patterns and our Utopia Goods’ Basket Case 
classic.  It is available in cobalt blue, charcoal grey and a navy indigo.


Convict Arrow

The simple Utopia Goods’ Arrow and Spot print is our nod to Australia’s 
convict heritage. The arrow, known as the broad arrow, denotes government property in the Australian colonies from the earliest times of settlement until well after federation. This subtle textile print is our contempory take on the polka dot.


Fern Camoflage

The Utopia Goods’ Fern Camouflage is part utilitarian army camo and part heritage framework craft. The delicate fern illustration is a reference to the craft pursuits of gentrified ladies in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The print is available in traditional army green and a subtle monochromatic black.


Thorn Stars

The Thorn Stars print takes its inspiration from the C18th calico prints and the Australian landscape. The concept references Australian bush weeds and the barrier reef’s crown of thorns. The print is a reminder that the Australian landscape (bush and ocean), is both beautiful and at times toxic.


Diamond Check

Inspired by C18th small print textiles, the Diamond Check pattern, is a twist on the traditional prints that were sold in dry-goods stores for aprons, everyday dresses and quilts. The monochromatic mini prints feature predominantly on the patch quilts.