Print Pioneers

WANTED: PEDIGREE SOFA. After a lenghty and challending endeavour (is there such a thing as 'perfect'?), we uncovered a unique design piece by celebrated architect, great Dane, Jorn Utzon.

Intended for use in the foyers of the Sydney Opera House, the 'New Angle' sofa was manufactured in 1967-68 by the celebrated Danish design company Fritz Hansen. But by the time the prototypes were ready, Utzon had in effect been dismissed from the Opera House project by the NSW Government, and hence, there are limited numbers of the 'New Angle' in existence. The sofa's cool aluminium contours were an ideal match for the fabrics fleshy tones, and its sculptural shape made it a natural fit for the Utopia Goods fluid and unique style. Inspired by the tropical native Firewheel Tree, the Utopia Goods aptly named Firewheel Fantasy textile adorns the curves and contours of the 'New Angle' sofa. The textile print pays homage to the spectacular, bold, whorled flowers which cover the canopy of the Stenocarpus sinuatus tree in summer. The flower clusters resemble spiral wheels dancing across the print design. The range included more than seventeen different prints, featuring a range of native-inspired, botanical motifs that turn the traditional idea of 'flora and fauna' upside down. The great news is this one-off beauty is available for purchase, give us a call or drop by the studio if you would like more information. (Studio 02 96999710)