Laugh Kookaburra Laugh

There’s no denying the humble Aussie Kookaburra can screech, squawk and laugh more than a hen’s party.
What’s the joke, please? He’s a modest looking bird, but damn that cackling laugh packs a punch. There’s no denying that the humble Aussie Kookaburra, star of his own nursery rhyme, aka jackass, main character in a David Sedaris story can screech and squawk more than a hen’s party. There is no spectacular multi-coloured plumage to attract a mate, nor pretty colours to grace a postcard, it’s the raucous laugh that demands attention. Do you want to be pals with the good-looking guy at the party or the witty one that cracks everyone up? On a quick trawl of our archive, we found him everywhere, including this image from Ida Rentoul Outhwaite’s Johnny Kookaburra from Sixpence to Spend.