Handcrafted hospitality - Tips for table settings when hosting or how to be a generous guest.

Our handprinted treasures are just the touch to make moments memorable and leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons. Follow these few tips and tricks to being a wonderful host, or the perfect guest when you get together with friends and loved ones.

Set the Table to Entertain
Invite loved ones over for a home cooked meal and set the stage with one of our handprinted tablecloths and napkins that match or coordinate with the main event.

River Gum Blue Tablecloth, River Gum Blue Napkins

Grevillea Blue Tablecloth, Flannel Flower Sky Napkins

State of Waratah Blue Tablecloth, State of Waratah Blue Napkins, River Gum Blue Napkins.

Limited Edition River Gum Earth Tablecloth, Limited Edition River Gum Earth Napkins, Grevillea Green Napkins.

Firewheel Garden Tablecloth, Grevillea Green Napkins


Gestures that are small but mighty.

If you are kindly invited somewhere as a guest don't arrive empty handed, be sure to bring with you a small token for the host or hostess as the ultimate in good etiquette. A kind offer to assist with clearing the table, and putting our tea towels to good use with the washing up also will be most memorable and appreciated by the host, bound to ensure a callback the next time they plan a party.

Wallaby Blue Teatowel

Classic Waratah Green Teatowel

Angophora Red Tea Towel