Firewheel Grey Robe


From bed to the beach, the Utopia Goods beautiful hand printed cotton robe is perfect for lounging around the boudoir or swanning around the pool. 

The beautiful Firewheel print pay homage to the spectacular, bold, whorled flowers which cover the canopy of the Stenocarpus sinuatus tree in summer. The flower clusters resemble spiral wheels dancing across the print design. Traditionally found in Lucien Henry and Margaret Preston prints, our Firewheel print design explodes with vibrancy the palette perfectly captures the warmth of the Australian bush and versatile neutrals.

 A gorgeous gift or bedroom to beach robe.

• Hand printed, cotton waist tie
• Wrap-around kimino style
• Small - Medium (Size 1)
• Medium - Large (Size 2)
• Designed in Australia
• Warm machine wash only

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